Shredder Live Show, a wonderful event not to be missed!

On March 21, 2024, we will host an eye-catching live event – Shredder Live Show! This live broadcast will focus on four different types of shredders: small shredders, single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, and heavy-duty shredders. Whether you are in waste treatment, resource recovery, manufacturing or other fields, we will provide you with the most suitable solution. Contact us today to get a quote!
Shredder live broadcast
Why participate?
Understand the latest technology: During the live broadcast, we will demonstrate the latest shredder technology and take you to the forefront of the industry.
Practical case sharing: We will share multiple practical application cases to let you better understand the application of shredders in different scenarios.
Professional team Q&A: You can ask questions directly to our professional team and get professional answers and suggestions.
Exclusive offers: Viewers who participate in the live broadcast will have the opportunity to receive exclusive offers and gifts.
Time: 15:00-16:00 March 21,2024(UTC/GMT +8.00)+8.00)
Location: Our live broadcast room (the link will be provided on the day of the event, you can also contact us in advance to obtain it)
Topic: Shredder Live Show
Content: Characteristics, application scenarios and technical analysis of small, single-shaft, double-shaft, and heavy-duty shredders
Interactive session: During the live broadcast, you will have the opportunity to interact directly with our professional team, ask your questions and queries, and we will answer them for you!

March 16, 2024 Author:HnHonest

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