Waste Motor Recycling Line

The waste motor recycling line is mainly suitable for processing motor stators, wire packs and small transformers below 20cm. The manual pre-sorted waste motor stators, wire bags and other materials are transported to the primary crushing and secondary crushing by the conveyor. The silicon steel sheet and copper mixture are separated by a strong magnetic roller sorter; then the copper mixture is conveyed by the conveyor to the pulverizer for further pulverization and refinement to obtain a product with higher purity, and then conveyed by the conveyor to the air separation The sorting machine sorts to obtain copper particles with high purity and a small amount of non-metal.

Technical Parameter

Model power(kw) capacity (kg/h) Dust Removing Efficienty
HN-WM1000 177 1000 99%
HN-WM3000 345 3000 99%
HN-WM5000 493 5000 99%

The workflow of circuit board recycling line

Types of working equipment for circuit board recycling lines

  • Horizontal Hammer Crusher

    The horizontal hammer crusher can crush all kinds of scrap metal, cables, cans, etc. into pellets. Low noise, no pollution, high crushing rate, uniform discharge particles, adjustable discharge particle size, stable performance.

  • Magnetic separator

    The main working principle of the magnetic separator is that different metals will react to different magnetic forces, thereby screening out different metal scraps.

  • Pulse dust removal

    The dust collection system can be widely used for dust purification in various industrial fields such as hardware, cement, building materials, ceramics, electronics, chemical industry, shoe industry, casting, plastic, aluminum, metallurgy, electric power, leather, food, machinery and non-ferrous metals.


Some videos of the operation of waste motor recycling equipment are as follows. The materials processed include waste motor stators, waste motor rotors, waste motor wire packs, small motors, etc.

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