Knife Crusher

Product Description

The knife crusher is suitable for recycling all kinds of hard plastics, suitable for recycling all kinds of hard plastics, sample bottles, containers, plastic granules, tablets, materials, plastic barrels, PP plastic plates, cans, Pu pipes, waste plastics , Waste cables, waste plastic films, plastic bottles, ABS computer cases and other plastic products.

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Crusher Technical Parameter

Model Motor Power (kw) Rotary Knife capacity (kg/h)
HN-KC500 11 15 500
HN-KC600 15 18 600
HN-KC800 22 24 800
HN-KC1000 55 30 1000
HN-KC1200 75 42 12000

Crusher Material / Application

The knife crusher is mainly used for fine crushing of materials, which can make the size of materials smaller. Suitable for plastic bottles, plastic waste, plastic flower pots, plastic baskets, miscellaneous metals, etc.The following is a video display of some materials.

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