Waste Tire Recycling Line

The tire recycling line is a tire particle recycling line, which is used to crush the rubber tires coming out of the steel wire separator, and the particle size after crushing can reach about 1 mm. Then through particle screening and circulation to achieve a finer size. Due to the special design of the pellet machine, high-quality pellets with consistent size can be produced, and 99% of the fibers are removed during the pellet manufacturing process.

Technical Parameter

Model power(kw) capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
HN-WT600 22 300 1800
HN-WT800 45 600 2500
HN-WT1000 75 800-1000 4500
HN-WT1200 90 1000-1200 5600

The workflow of circuit board recycling line

Types of working equipment for circuit board recycling lines

  • Single Shaft Shredde

    Single shaft shredders are strong and durable. It is suitable for recycling various bulk solid materials, refractory materials, plastic containers and barrels, and plastic pads. Shredded particles can be as small as 20mm according to different needs. The equipment rotates the knife at low speed, low noise and more energy-saving.

  • knife crusher

    The knife crusher is suitable for recycling all kinds of hard plastics, suitable for recycling all kinds of hard plastics, sample bottles, containers, plastic granules, tablets, materials, plastic barrels, PP plastic plates, cans, Pu pipes, waste plastics , Waste cables, waste plastic films, plastic bottles, ABS computer cases and other plastic products.

  • Bag filter

    Bag dust removal equipment is a dry dust removal device, which is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt, and uses the filter function of the fiber fabric to filter the dusty gas. When the dusty gas enters the bag filter, the dust with large particles and specific gravity will settle due to the effect of gravity. When the gas comes down and falls into the ash hopper, when the gas containing fine dust passes through the filter material, the dust will be blocked and the gas will be purified.

  • Magnetic separator

    The main working principle of the magnetic separator is that different metals will react to different magnetic forces, thereby screening out different metal scraps.


Rubber tires are very common and common in life, and the cost of recycling also belongs to the middle level of the recycling industry, so tire recycling equipment is very popular.The following is a video display of some materials.

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