Waste Wire Recycling Line

Waste wire recycling line is mainly used for all kinds of waste copper wires, separating copper wires into fine copper rice and PVC. This machine can recycle copper wire with a diameter of 0.3mm-20mm. Automotive wires or automotive wires, motorcycle wires, computer case wires, communication cables, etc.

Shredder Technical Parameter

Model power(kw) capacity (kg/h) Weight (kg)
HN-WW200 25 100-200 1800
HN-WW300 60 200-300 3700
HN-WW500 85 400-500 7500
HN-WW800 115 600-800 10000
HN-WW1000 185 800-1000 15000

The workflow of circuit board recycling line

Types of working equipment for circuit board recycling lines

  • knife crusher

    The knife crusher is suitable for recycling all kinds of hard plastics, suitable for recycling all kinds of hard plastics, sample bottles, containers, plastic granules, tablets, materials, plastic barrels, PP plastic plates, cans, Pu pipes, waste plastics , Waste cables, waste plastic films, plastic bottles, ABS computer cases and other plastic products.

  • Vibrating Screening Machine

    The work of the automatic vibrating screening machine is realized by using the centrifugal force generated by the motor to drive the eccentric wheel to obtain the exciting force. The exciting force makes the sieve body and materials reciprocate up and down; then they are screened by the screen to achieve the ideal screening effect.

  • air separator

    Airflow classifier is consisting of classifier, cyclone separator dust catcher, and draft fan. Material is up to classifier by strength of fan, separate fine material from coarse material under centrifugal force of grading turbine high speed rotation .and suitable fine material is collected by cyclone separator or dust catcher through grading impeller.


Copper wire recycling equipment is mainly used for the treatment and recycling of waste wires. For example, discarded network cables, wires for household appliances, thin cables, scrap copper wires, aluminum wires, etc.The following is a video display of some materials.

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