Copper wire recycling machine for sale

Copper wire recycling machine is an environmentally friendly machine, also known as copper wire pelletizer. The copper wire granulator is used for the recycling of waste cable wires. The copper and plastic are separated through the process of crushing, air separation or electrostatic separation. No fire, water or chemicals are used, so there is no secondary pollution to the environment. The separation rate of our copper wire recycling machine may reach 99.9%, you may not see copper in plastic and plastic in copper.
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Advantages-copper wire recycling machine

All-in-one compact design

The main body of our copper wire recycling machine adopts integrated design, compact structure, small footprint and easy to move to any place;

Fully automatic PLC control

The entire copper wire recycling process is under the control of PLC, which is easy to operate and one operator is sufficient;

Air suspension separation technology

The air separator uses Italian air suspension separation technology, which can precisely adjust the vibration frequency and air supply according to different materials.

High-quality SKD-11 alloy blade

This crusher uses SKD-11 alloy blades with a hardness of H85 degrees. In the case of alternating wear structures, it can ensure high wear resistance while ensuring good toughness.

High-efficiency pulse dust collector

The whole process adopts the advanced pulse dust collector sealing structure, which can ensure that no dust is flying during operation.

High-voltage electrostatic separation

For very thin wires (such as automotive wires less than 3mm), we also have an electrostatic separator, which can be equipped with an air separator for further separation, thus completely separating the remaining fine copper from the plastic.

October 12, 2023 Author:HnHonest

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