Maximize returns – aluminum-plastic separation equipment

Aluminum-plastic separation equipment is a new type of metal resource equipment. Aluminum-plastic separation equipment is widely used in aluminum-plastic recycling. Its main function is to separate aluminum and plastic using physical separation methods, which will not cause pollution to the environment and achieve the effect of resource recycling. Various tablet boards, aluminum-plastic panels, food packaging tapes, milk tapes, toothpaste wrappers, Wahaha bottle caps, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum foil paper, etc. can be processed by aluminum-plastic recycling and separation equipment. Waste can be turned into treasure and air can be prevented. pollute. With the development of today’s industry, discarded aluminum-plastic composite materials are relatively common. We all know that aluminum metal is still widely used in industry. For example, some tablets, food packaging bags, candy wrappers, capsule tablets, etc. all need to use aluminum. The emergence of aluminum-plastic separation equipment solves the problem of resource recycling and the use of large amounts of waste aluminum. Plastic composite materials. Tablet aluminum-plastic packaging materials and aluminum-plastic scraps from packaging manufacturers, as well as the physical separation of aluminum and plastic from various aluminum-plastic composite materials.
aluminum-plastic separation equipment
Structural features of aluminum-plastic separation equipment: 1. The entire assembly line adopts PLC intelligent programming automatic control and human-machine interface touch screen to ensure uniform material supply and coordinated work throughout the production line. 2. Compact structure, reasonable layout, stable performance, and low processing noise of the crushing equipment Small, 3. The crushing and crushing parts are cooled by a circulating water refrigerator, so the plastic will not melt or change color due to long-term temperature rise. 4. It uses physical crushing, crushing and electrostatic separation methods to separate aluminum and plastic, which is an environmentally friendly separation equipment. Scope of application of aluminum-plastic separation equipment: Suitable for aluminum-plastic separation of food instead of original chemicals. 5. The entire production line is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to purify the work space. 6. The purity of aluminum-plastic separation is high.

February 22, 2024 Author:HnHonest

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