The case of Australian customers purchasing solar energy recycling equipment

Recently, the continuous rise in global lithium mine prices has led to rising production costs of lithium batteries. Therefore, the recycling of used lithium batteries has once again become the focus of the global recycling industry. As one of the countries with a large population, India produces a huge amount of waste lithium batteries every year, but what is worrying is that only 30% of them are effectively recycled, which undoubtedly causes a huge waste of resources.

Lithium Battery Recycling Equipment

It was in this context that a well-known battery recycler from India discovered our group. They have a strong interest in our new lithium battery recycling equipment and want to purchase it to expand their business scale. After detailed understanding and investigation, they are deeply satisfied with our machine’s reasonable design, low energy consumption and environmental protection.

September 8, 2023 Author:HnHonest
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