American customer orders solar panel recycling equipment

The United States, our important partner, is with us all the way! We are particularly honored to announce that customers in the United States have chosen to customize our solar panel recycling equipment. This is not only a high recognition of our technology and equipment, but also a great success for us in the American market.

solar panel recycling equipment site

Our solar panel recycling equipment can achieve high-purity silicon powder after recycling, with very few impurities, stable machine performance and low energy consumption, which significantly reduces the production cost of customers.
This cooperation will further consolidate the foundation of our cooperation with the US market and lay a solid foundation for future successful cooperation. We look forward to creating a new chapter of cooperation with our customers, integrating advanced equipment into their production processes, contributing to the cause of environmental protection, and bringing more opportunities to the market.

September 20, 2023 Author:HnHonest
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